How to use Royalty Free Music on Facebook, and Instagram

With the rise of video content being shared on social media it was not a surprise Tik Tok the latest content sharing platform would be an instant hit. Tok Tok has facilitated users to use music from well known artist to use in the background of the 15 second video.

Unfortunately, this is a big problem for social media platforms, and businesses that heavily depend on Facebook, instagram, and Twitter. You can either create a new Tik Tok account to gain new followers, and then find a way to monetize or you can use royalty free music for your content, and continue to monetize your current fan base. Social media platforms need to start offering their own library of music, and the solution is AI generated music is the solution to all of social media platforms because they do not have to worry about paying royalties to record labels and artist.

Instagram has reached over 1 billion monthly users, but if you try to post a video with background music it will be flagged, and taken down. Avoid this by using royalty free music for your social media. With the recent release of IGTV on Instagram you can now share video content longer than ever. This has allowed for companies using this feature to report news. Each video requires an intro song, closing credits, and a song for the body to play in the background. Royalty free music can be easily found, and cut to fit your videos.

Facebook, Instagram, and all other social media platforms need to start offering royalty free music, but in the mean time you can find them on online, and you can filter tracks based on genres, BPM, and key. While understanding licensing might be complicated to understand, there is a platform for royalty free music that is easy to use. Soundful has royalty free music that is produced by AI and is affordable.