The difference between Royalty Free Music For Youtube, iMovies, and Podcasts

Whether you are uploading videos to YouTube, creating a class project with iMovie, or you have your own podcast, you will need royalty free music to compliment your content.

YouTube and Royalty Free Music

YouTube, the largest videos-sharing website, has been dominating the world of content since its conception nearly 15 years ago. We have all seen instructional videos teaching us how to cook a dish, or perhaps tips on how to train your new pet. Yet all videos on YouTube have something in common, they all have royalty or copyright free music to compliment their YouTube video.

Youtube has reported people watch over 500 million hours of video per day which confirms the recent growth of video news, news reported in video. Companies like Buzzfeed, NowThis, and many more are creating more video content than ever. People rarely read the newspaper, by the time you read about it the next crisis has already started. Instead companies are now reporting their news through video content almost immediately after the news break. You might notice many of the YouTube videos have different types of Copyright free music, some might have a guitar melody in the intro, or drop of electronic music in between scene transitions. The best way to find royalty free music for your next YouTube video is looking for a track that best compliments the content of your video.

iMovies and Royalty Free Music

Nowadays, it is not uncommon to get a school assignment that requires a video presentation. It could be as simple as a business plan presentation, or a book video trailer. Regardless, your video content will require background music, and you do not want to pay an overpriced complex license. Instead if you have a school video presentation search affordable copyright free music from

Most college student’s laptop will have iMovie, an easy to use video editor. It allows you to piece together different footage with simple transitions. Most importantly it allows you to add music files to the background of the video content extremely easily. The content you use for your school project has to include copyright free music. Using a track by your favorite artist is considered copyright infringement, however if you use royalty free music you will be able to use it for your iMovie school project. You can find affordable royalty free orchestral music on this platform, and use it not just for one school project, but you can build your own library of royalty free music for future school video projects.

Podcast and Royalty Free Music
There are over 18.5 million podcast episodes, and they all use royalty free music. Where do podcast find royalty free music for each episode? They have to get creative, and make sure they do not use any track that is owned by a record label or an artist. While that may sound easy, many platforms have to crowdsource audio content from producers, and they have complicated license options. For example, some may say your price for the track will depend on how many viewers you expect. The more listeners you gain the higher you will pay, however, with, you can rely on a straightforward licensing model. Cheap royalty free music for podcast for only $19 regardless of how listeners you may have. You can spend under $20 and have copyright free music that goes well with your podcast.