Why You Should Be Using Exclusive Beats

Until now, it has been difficult for vocalists and rappers to find quality, exclusive instrumentals. There are plenty of options for royalty-free instrumental licenses for you to use in your projects, but this leaves one giant question. How many other people have this exact same instrumental? The answer is almost undoubtedly many, especially if you are using free sources or major outlets.

Can you stand out with Royalty Free Beats?

How can you possibly stand out as an artist if potentially thousands of others are making tracks with the exact same beat? The reality is, not only will you not stand out, but you’ll look much less professional as an artist. Imagine an A&R at a record label’s point of view. If they hear your track with an instrumental that they’ve heard hundreds of other times, at best, they’ll look at you as an amateur. Worst case, you’ll tarnish your name and essentially blacklist yourself from industry professionals.

We understand why most artist choose to go this route. Hiring a producer to make an exclusive beat can cost you thousands and the reality is, you may not even like your final product. Shopping in marketplaces for “exclusive beats” has also been a challenge. You’ll never know how many people have purchased this beat before you purchased an “exclusive” license. If a hundred people purchased the royalty-free license before you purchased an exclusive license, then you really don’t have an exclusive license. Even if you do land a truly exclusive license, then you’ll need to deal with royalty-splits and the various restraints brought on by the producer or outlet such as distribution restraints, play counts and your ability to sell your track world-wide.

Using free instrumental beats is also a risk. Most companies offering free beats are notoriously unreliable. If you read the fine print of their terms and conditions, you’ll find that a lot of restrictions actually apply to your free beat. In many cases you are unable to alter, release commercially or otherwise profit from the free instrumental. If you find an instrumental that you really want to use, you may think to yourself “this is too good to be free.” The reality is, you are probably correct. That free instrumental can cause significant problems down the road if your song gains any traction.

Where can you find Exclusive Hip Hop and Pop Instrumentals?

Finding truly exclusive, high-quality instrumentals for a price that makes sense has been one of the biggest challenges for up & coming artists and a solution has not presented itself until now. Our library consists of hundreds of instrumentals for hip hop, pop, and EDM for artists to use as their own. The tracks in our Exclusive License Library are truly exclusive meaning they have not been sold before and once they are sold, they are no longer purchasable by another artist. Furthermore, we do not pose any restrictions on your release. You own the track outright, 100% royalty-free. You can edit the track in any way you see fit and can be confident knowing this is your exclusive instrumental.

Using the exclusive library, you can put together an album or mixtape of original tracks for less than what it costs to have 1 custom instrumental made by a freelancer. You can sort based on genre, tempo and mood to select an instrumental that fits your needs and truly have original and exclusive music that will not be heard anywhere else.

If you are an aspiring artist, you should be using exclusive instrumental beats. The days of settling for a royalty-free beat are over. In a crowded space where artists compete to get their music heard, you need to give yourself the opportunity to stand out. exclusi